Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Letter from Camp

Dear Family, Friends, and Followers,
Right now, I am sitting on the edge of the carrot bed here in Camp NaNoWriMo's Creativity Garden. I know, I know... shame on me for packing my bags and leaving without telling anyone. I'm sorry. I hope you didn't hire any helicopters or private detectives to look for me.
A week ago, I realized that if I was going to finish two short stories AND write descriptions for two of the races in my fantasy story before I go to school in a few weeks, I needed to sit down, concentrate, and write. So, like I said, I packed my bags and left. I drove straight to Camp NaNoWriMo, Imagination Land. Even though I was twenty days late, they sorted me into a cabin (though I decided to string up my hammock outside rather than break the camaraderie that my fellow cabin-mates had already built) and let me sign up for 20,000 words.
Well, as you can imagine, all of my good intentions have fallen short. Instead of 20,000 words, I have managed a measly 3,700.
What has been distracting me from writing all the way out in the middle of Imagination Land, you may wonder? The internet. Yes, even Imagination Land has wi-fi.
Books have also been distracting me (I should have known better than to bring them to Camp NaNoWriMo with me). I'm reading Into the Vast by DJ Edwardson and Hidden Pearls by Hayden Wand and both stories have me captivated!
Additionally, a few adventures have stolen me away from my stories... Can you believe that Imagination Land has a Wal-mart? Well, they do. And, once I heard that Wal-mart was having a back-to-school sale, I snuck out of NaNoWriMo's campground (which is specifically forbidden, by the way), forded streams, and climbed over logs to reach the Great Deals awaiting me. I found binders, pencils, highlighters, erasers, paper, and everything else a college student could need and—after paying for them—smuggled them back to my hammock.
With four days left to write, I doubt that I will be able to write 16,300 words. But, maybe, if I work hard, I will be able to finish one of my short stories. It chronicles the childhood of King John, a villain in my fantasy novel. The other short story and my fantasy race descriptions will have to wait for another time.
Oh dear, I see one of the other campers coming toward me. If they find out I'm writing a letter home instead of working on my Camp project, they may report me to the counselors and I could be thrown out!



  1. Reading this made my day. Thank you for reading "Into the Vast"!

    I loved Hayden Wand's "Wulver's Rose" I didn't know she had released anything else. Will have to check that out.

    Sorry your Camp NANOWRIMO experience hasn't been much to write home about (ahem). But even if it's not giving you a "cabin fever" of inspiration, at least you've made 3,700 tiny friends whom you will hopefully keep in touch with. Unless they get edited into obliteration. But we writers prefer not to talk about that, right?

    1. Aw, I'm glad! I'm really enjoying it! In fact, I have plans to go to bed and finish it after this (though since it's nearly 11:00 I might have to finish it tomorrow... when did it get so late?!)
      Hayden's novel is pretty good. It's kind of like if Louisa May Alcott took all of Jane Austen's plots and wrote them in a semi-slapstick style.
      Heheh, nice puns. Editing? What's that? I know not of this "editing" that you speak of.

  2. Good luck with the rest of your words, Abbey! And omg internet is a problem sometimes right?! AND BOOKS. Why are books so darn enticing and glorious? SHEESH. It's totally their fault we get distracted from writing.😂 ANYWAY. You can totally do 16K in 4 days! GO ON. :D YOU GOT THIS! hehe ;)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Hee hee, maybe YOU could do 16K in 4 days, Cait, but I am not to adept at the Keyboard Arts as you.