Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Long and Winding Editing Road—Did I Finish?

Did I finish the fourth draft of my fantasy novel by June 1?

And one week early, too.

As usual, editing went much smoother than I expected. I changed a lot of major things in this draft from last draft, yet it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be! I had a lot of fun making changes, spending time with my characters (they have become very familiar to me over the past years [even Finn, the little troublemaker]), and just reading through the draft. Maybe next draft I'll pay attention to all of the references I make and put them into a blog post, for I cannot seem to write a novel without including the titles of Beatles songs and other such inane foppery (my favorite was a rogue Tim Hawkins quote. Yes, this is a fairytale-fantasy).

So, what's next? Well, I know that I'm too close to this draft to see any flaws, so I'm going to send this draft to a few friends to read. I'm excited for two reasons:
1) My writing/reading/NaNoWriMo-ing friend/doppleganger from school Abby with No E gets to read it.
2) For ease of reading, I'm ordering two paperback copies of this draft! Eep!!

Here are some stats-
Draft: Four
Started: December 18ish, 2016.
Finished: May 25, 2017 at 10:35(ish)PM.
Worked on: Mostly December, April, and May.
Chapters: Sixty
Word count: 147,839

And, for the first time ever... here is a snippet:

Rozella led Finn and Ronan up the sand dune she had just climbed in her anger. She had found a surprise waiting for her on the other side. Now, she and her friends stood at the top of the dune looking down into a sandy valley. The light from the half-moon glinted off of at least a hundred scaly monsters.
“See, look!” Rozella hissed to her friends. “Dragons!”
Dragons, indeed. Dragons as far as the eye could see! And they were just waking up from their daily slumber. Their backs were easily twenty feet high. They were mostly brown and black, but there were also dark green, blue, and purple dragons. Occasionally a gold or silver dragon broke the monotony. Scales covered their entire bodies and they had horns protruding from their snouts and the tops of their heads.
As the four travelers watched, the dragons became more and more active. The beasts woke, stretched, yawned, and began walking around. Some groomed each other with reptilian-like tongues. Some tasted the air with those same tongues. Some fought. Some flew.
“Look!” gasped Rozella, as the first dragon alighted into the air.
Its powerful wings beat slowly at first and then faster as it rose. Wind from the dragon’s wings hit the travelers full in the face and they stumbled backwards. In a moment, hundreds of other dragons began flapping into the air. The gale force winds forced the travelers back down to their campsite where they hastily extinguished their fire. They desperately hoped that the dragons wouldn’t mistake them for prey.

I hope you enjoyed it! Now, I'm going to read.