Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beautiful People: May 2016 // Catriona

~Beautiful People is a monthly linkup for writers hosted by Cait at Paper Fury and Sky at Further Up and Further In.~

While some family and friends read the third draft of my fantasy novel, I have been working on character profiles for a sci-fi story idea which has been ruminating in my mind for over a year. I will be answering this month's Beautiful People questions about my main character, Catriona, who owns a café.

1. How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger?
Because Catriona owns a small café, she often takes on odd jobs that need doing; such as, manning the cash register, clearing tables, or bringing people their food and drinks. As a result, Catriona smiles a lot at many strangers because she wants her café to have a friendly atmosphere.
2. What is the cruelest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?
Many people—including Catriona's father—told her that travelling offworld, buying an abandoned space station, and turning it into a café would be madness. It would be better to stay at home and work a stable, well-paying job. Catriona was disgusted and disheartened that her family and friends would try to discourage her from her dream. She disregarded their advice and achieved her dream.
3. What is the kindest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction?
Catriona's father gave his approval for Catriona to follow her dream and open a café. After a few years of business, he tells her that he is proud of her effort and how well she has done for herself. Catriona is overjoyed with this complement and hugs her father.
4. What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?
Catriona's mother died when she was four. She doesn't remember her mother well, but she does remember her father's grief and how it overshadowed their whole life for several years.
5. What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading?
The Betty Crocker Cookbook. Catriona's café already serves food and drink from varied worlds, but earth is not one of them. I think I speak for all the human characters in the story that the café could use some human cuisine on the menu.
6. Have they ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did they react?
Once, a Gobulouse Fish wrapped its poisonous tentacles around Catriona's foot and stung her. She went to her father for comfort and he took her to the doctor immediately. Thankfully, the doctor was able to extract the poison before it spread through Catriona's bloodstream. He was able to save her foot, too, though now it is crisscrossed with thin, white scars.
7. Do they like and get along with their neighbours?
Catriona's neighbors include the planet Rodo, which her café orbits, and also a mechanic's shop, which also orbits Rodo. She gets along with both places well. There is a steady stream of customers who travel from Rodo to Catriona's café every day after school or work for her signature snacks and drinks.
8. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy are they to get along with?
2. Catriona is very personable. She has friendships with many of her regular customers. Even if Catriona doesn't like someone or disagrees with someone, she will treat them fairly and kindly.
9. If they could travel anywhere [in the world], where would they go? (I've altered this question slightly since Catriona doesn't live on her home planet anymore.)
Catriona has already achieved her dream of travelling offworld to open a café. Now, she would like to visit Mars to meet her friend Gruce's family.
10. Who was the last person they held hands with?
Hmm, I don't know. I guess Catriona is a hold-hands-and-don't-tell kind of person.


  1. Ooo, sci-fi. Sounds interesting. I like the idea of an orbital space cafe. And I really like the name Catriona. Looking forward to hearing more about this story. What state is it in? Planning? First draft? Editing?

    1. It's in the planning stage at the moment. :) I'm hoping to have the planning done this summer so that I can start writing in the fall.