Thursday, August 4, 2016

Siekrits, by Abbey

As many of you know, I have enjoyed writing ever since I was a little girl. I've shared some of my earliest stories with you on my previous blog (The Woman Who Did Not Speak and My Early Masterpieces), but, now, another early story of mine has resurfaced. It is my pleasure to introduce to you... "Siekrits," by seven-year-old Abbey:

Chapter 1
Anna and Sarah were best friends. They walked to school together.

Chapter 2
"I have a secret to tell you," Anna said.

Chapter 3
"What?" said Sarah.
"I have to move away."

Chapter 4
"B-b-b-b-but why?"
"B-b-but why?"
"Because my aunt Ruth invited us-"

Chapter 5
"-to live with her until fall."

Chapter 6
"At least you will come back," said Sarah.
"No, I won't. My mother won't."

Chapter 7
"Goodbye," said Sarah.
"Goodbye," said Anna.

Chapter 8
Four months later...
"Mom, I got a letter from her!
"Who from, dear?"
"Mom, it is from Anna! Oh, she is coming back!"

Chapter 9
"Hi!" said Anna.
"Hi!" said Sarah.
"I'm sure glad to see you."


The unedited version:
chAPtR 1
anna and Sarha wr Best fens Tha wakt to Skool. together

chAPtR 2
i haf a siekrit to to tl you anna seod

chAPtR 3
wat saod sarha
i haF to muF awa

chAPtR 4
BBBBut y
BBut Y o
Bekas. my aNt ruth iNFiDID as

chaPtR 5
to liF with hoR intil fol

chaPtR 6
at lest you wil kam Bak seod serha
NO i wont my mathr wONt

chaPTr 7
GuD Boy! sad sarha
GuD Boy! saoD anna

chaPR 8
4 mAthS ladr
mom i gat A latr!
ho FRom Der.
mom it is FRom anna! oh She is kaming Bak!

chAPtR P
hi! seod anna
hi! seod sarha
im Shr GlaD to se you

The eND

My favorite part of the story is "4 maths ladr..."
It's fun to look back at my old (old old old) writing. Part of the fun is decoding my horrible spelling. Do you ever look back at old writing projects and laugh?


  1. Haha, so cute! Yes, I've looked over old writings and had a good laugh over spelling and other things like that.

    1. It's so much fun! You should share some on your blog sometime. I'd love to read them :)

  2. This brought a smile to my face. So delightful to read this story from your younger self. As rough as it was, you can see the inklings of a writer there, that you were thinking of stories even way back when.

    1. I love looking at old work for that exact reason: I can see how far back my love of reading and writing went, and I can see how I've grown over the years, too.