Thursday, June 30, 2016

Blogging plans gone awry

Remember this post from a few weeks ago when I told you about some changes I was making in my life? One of those changes was to blog twice a week with an update post on Sundays and a regular post on Thursdays. I've been doing that, but I'm not happy with that setup. I'm happy with posting on Thursdays, but an update post every week? Nope. That's not working. It's not working because: 1) I didn't want this blog to be about me; I wanted it to be about reading and writing. 2) I don't lead a very exciting life so there's not much to update you on.
So, I'm here to say that my blogging schedule will change once again. I would still like to blog twice a week on Sunday/Monday and Thursday, but I may experiment for awhile until I find the right blogging balance.

Today, I've been re-organizing my bookshelves. I've vlogged it and maybe next Thursday's post will feature the finished video. For now, here is a sneak peak...

Don't forget: the Silmarillion Awards nominations will only be open for another two days (today and tomorrow)! So, if you would like to nominate or second (or sixteenth) your favorite fantasy villain for the Most Nefarious Villain Silmaril, do so now! Voting starts on July 4.

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