Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Sunday Night Report: An Experiment

Last Sunday, we packed the car and drove to the Midwest. We visited my school and then travelled to the Black Hills for a family reunion.

I've gotten good work on a short story done this past week of travel. The story is about King John, one of the characters in my fantasy/fairytale story. In my head, I have detailed backstories for many of the secondary characters in this book. I'm hoping to write short stories detailing these backstories and figured that I would start with King John since he has been on my mind recently.
It feels great to write again.

Although I am mostly eating sugar free, I have not completely given up sugar. There is sugar in the bread I eat, for example. And sugar is added to many types of meat, too. In fact, to get our organic, sugar free bacon, we have to shop at our local hippie/granola store (but don't tell them I said so, or they might flash me with peace signs). I'm not opposed to an occasional sugary treat, either. So, a few days ago, I experimented by eating a small slice of Dairy Queen ice cream cake for my cousin's graduation.
I haven't noticed too much of a change, except that it's much easier to forget what has sugar in it and inadvertently eat something like a lollipop. Oops.
The first bite or two of cake tasted good, but, after that, I almost couldn't finish it because it was so. sweet. In comparison, the fruit I ate afterwards didn't taste as sweet as it usually does. How food effects the taste buds and brain fascinates me.

And now, I had better join the rest of the family. Make sure to come back tomorrow to find out about the Silmarillion Awards, an award "show" for fantasy books.

What was the best and worst of your week?

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  1. Ahhh, some familiar faces from my home state. :) Mine was good week- hot, and tiring, but good.