I'm a writer. Here are my words:

Title: Untitled.
Genre: Fairytale/fantasy.
Status: Fourth draft complete.
Key words: Kidnapping! Princesses! Adventure! Political intrigue!
Notes: Learn more about it in my Long and Editing Road series (inspired by Katie at Spiral-Bound):

Post 1- What I've Done So Far
Post 2- Characters I
Post 3- Characters II
Post 4- Finn
Post 5- Movin' Right Along
Post 6- Fanfare for the Uncommonly Happy Writer
Post 7- Emptiness
Post 8- Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
Post 9- It Begins Again
Post 10- I Outline. Again
Post 11- Did I Finish?
Post 12- Editing and Publishing, Oh My!
Learn about the characters in my Beautiful People posts:
King John

Title: She's Leaving Home (yes, that's the title of a Beatles song. Shhh).
Genre: (Sort of) Historical fiction
Status: In my brain box.
Key words: Old ladies. Motorcycles. Travelling. World War II. Healing.
Notes: I'd like to start writing this novel As Soon As Possible, but, what with school, we'll see how Soon As Possible turns out to be.

Title: After the Twelfth Night.
Genre: Adventure/Shakespearean Fiction (It's a real genre! I took a class on it. Shhh).
Status: Complete (you can purchase it here).
Synopsis: Antonio was a pirate, and now he's in jail for that long ago sea fight with the Duke. His friend, Sebastian, was supposed to bail him out of jail, but Sebastian has been kidnapped! Antonio promises Sebastian's wife that he will find her missing husband, but first he must get out of jail... In A.G. Werff's debut novel, you will find humor, heroes with sidekicks, villains with henchmen, pirates, love, peril, adventure, and lots of treasure!
Notes: This is the first full-length novel I ever wrote. I wrote it because I played Antonio in Twelfth Night, and I wondered what happened to him after the play, so I wrote a story about it. It is not historically or Shakespeare-ically accurate in any way, but it is a fun jaunt if you like books like The Adventures of Tintin.

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